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Michael Arkk is a Musician and an entrepreneur that has been investing in the entertainments industry for more than 25 years. He began his career in the music industry as a Gospel singer, after successful tours around the United Kingdom and Europe with his Band, ‘’The Channels of Praise’’, formerly The Mystic Circle, they left their home land Jamaica and have been settled in the United Kingdom since the mid1990s.

Jamaican born Michael Arkk has been recording and performing his (Soul-Roots) brand of music for over 30 years this fusion of Ska Soul Roots-Reggae and Gospel has earned him a distinguished place within the music world.

Michael’s solo career is primed to take him into many major venues in cities across the World, his trademark vocal delivery, exquisite sounding voice, and performance are the unique and special aspect of his career that draws people to his shows and keep his audiences growing.

Over the years Michael has worked with an illustrious group of writers, singers, performers and musicians, like Mozez, Yvonne John Lewis, Merissa Mohammad, Ray Carless, The Tenue Brothers, Maffia and Fluxy, Dub Judah, Ricky Rankin, Hughie Izachaar, Winston Williams (aka)Horsman, Tony White, Tom Quick, to name a few. He has also shared stages with many great luminaries of the music industry.

Michael has committed his life to music through which he believes the Human Family stands a greater chance of achieving and sustaining Peace and Unity upon the Earth.

With his commitment to keeping the music alive, he has entered an exciting phase in his journey that is taking his groove into a new and elevating dimension as he continues to share his Soul-Roots sounds throughout 21st, century.

Michael Arkk - Special Radio Mix